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The New Corvette Reveal and auto link thread
Speculation on a 500 hp base engine (up from 460 today) that could be DOHC design (versus pushrods today).

The pushrod design has a lower center of gravity and provides for a lower hood in front.
Mid engine

A few friends were arguing whether the redesign would affect 2019 sales - snapping up the last year of a model versus waiting for the new model. Like the nuthouse nothing was achieved.
The very last 2017 sold for $2.7 MILLION, every dollar for charity.

The new model should be quite different. I hope they get the small things right.

This is why Vette is changing to mid engine, they have basically reached the limits of what can be done with the engine out front.

It's here, 495 hp, 0-60 est. under 3.0 seconds.

Depictions the new engine, which is of course a modified old engine, but with more power and less weight.

Only transmission with be an 8 speed dual clutch Tremec.  

The base model will list for just under $60 K and probably sell for more than that for a while, if you could find one.  They likely will build only higher content models for a year or so, much as Tesla did.


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